Monday, August 23, 2010


There is a metabolic disadvantage from eating carbs, particularly high glycemic ones. They are directly converted into glucose, which raises insulin. Too much insulin output is the culprit hormone of weight (fat) gain and heart attacks. Yes, insulin is atherogenic (causes blood vessels to clog up and "harden"). Not only does insulin transport glucose into our cells for fuel, but it prompts the liver to make and release fat (triglycerides) as well as encourage its storage in our adipocytes (fat cells). This not only makes us fatter, but also causes the adipocytes to release their toxic cytochymes promoting chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Unlike carbs which are 100% burned or stored, with fats and proteins, it costs our metabolism about 10% more to convert it to usable glucose. With time our poor pancreas becomes overtaxed and cannot keep up with the insulin demand of our foolish brain for over consuming those lousy carbs and it starts to fail. That is the real beginning of the end with the rise of blood sugar that denatures our living tissue with AGE (Advanced Glyciated End products), ALE (Advance Lipid End products), and APE (Advance Protein End products). This is before we even get diabetes which, with a carb-based diet, is inevitable. Although Agriculture was an important part of the survival of our species, time will show it was the worst mistake of human history for our personal longevity and the primary cause of degenerative disease. Not only, cardiovascular, but dementia, arthritis, and cancer is caused by awful carbs.

HIGH glycemic carbs and prepared foods are indeed weapons of mass destruction. Fructose is particularly sweet and dangerous. Half of every sugar molecule and over half (55%) of high fructose corn syrup, the most abundant sweetener in our society, is treacherous fructose. As noted above it is not the calorie, but from where the calorie comes that determines its health benefit or detriment. ALL CALORIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! It is not how many calories we consumed but what our body does with these calories that count! Of course there are ADIPOGENIC (fat producing) Risk Factors-that include birth weight, age, sex, genetic metabolism, friends, activity and endocrine balance.

Indeed we are all biologically different. But despite this we can loose weight if we really want. No matter a how much you imagine you eat, if you wish to lose weight you must eat less. And no matter how much you imagine you exercise, to lose weight you must exercise more. It can be done, but for some with Adipogenic Risk Factors one must eat like a bird and exercise like a horse. But don’t despair, there is good science to help and I will detail ways to successfully not only loose weight, the somewhat easier part, but to keep it off which is the harder part. There is no magic diet, but suggestions for a lifestyle that will guarantee success, not just for looks but also for health and longevity in your future.

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