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There is no best diet, only fundamental nutrition. There is an ideal diet for any individual for a given time, depending on their genes, biology, age and their environment. Having an understanding of this new nutrition will enable a person to choose the correct foods for both health and longevity. The following information should help you make the right choices.

The underpinnings of our food and drink is for what we were genetically adapted. However, there are rarely two of us who are exactly alike in how we look, how we act or metabolically. Our genes have been in existence since the very beginning of life on earth but our current chromosomes have been here for 2.4 million years and have sustained man as a species for the last two hundred thousand years. But eating habits, desire and in particular food availability have determined what consumption in Homo sapiens was best for their, and now our, health and fitness. This time line represents 99% of our evolutionary history.

It is only in the last 25 thousand years that we evolved from gathers, pickers, fishers, pluckers, and ghouls* to hunters. As a species, we hunted small game and fish with hands and cunning for eons. With the advent of tools such as nets, spears and clubs, big game became obtainable for hunting groups about 15 thousand years ago. In the last 10 thousand years agriculture and animal husbandry developed. Most importantly, in the dawn of the industrial revolution refined foods became available. But our metabolic machinery was not prepared for this. We are still in a state of evolution and may never be prepared for the junk we consume in the name of food!

No one would argue that an infant needs a different diet than an adult, or a Type 1 diabetic a dissimilar diet from a “healthy” individual or an elderly person different fare than a younger person. But a female diet being different from a male may be a stretch for some. In the broader sense, scientists and pseudo scientists organized special diets for metabolic types based on Blood type, body shapes (apples vs. pears), personalities, or anthropomorphic measurements such as arm span and variations of tooth anatomy. In the future, we will be able to look at ones genes and give a precise diet for ones best health.

The best recommendation for diet is the new VAP (Vertical Athrogenic Profile), which in the last two months was priced at less than $100 so that everyone, even those not insured could afford to know about them. With the right information, one can predict their own destiny in what could cause them disease and when it will happen. The premise of the VAP is the detection of not just the good HDL cholesterol, but also its division of inert HDL and the active HDL for reverse cholesterol transport. Also included are the small dense nefarious lousy LDL and the not so bad light fluffy LDL. These and the glucose/insulin ratio gives the best metabolic indicator of both cancer and cardiovascular disease. The Metabolic Syndrome in which insulin resistance is the genetic predisposition for poor health and an early demise (which is now epidemic in America) can be detected before it starts to impact our health. This is added to some basic truths for human food consumption and life and a few more for a healthy existence:

• The human body (and most mammals) has a given requirement for protein and fat, but none for carbohydrate other than disposable energy.

• Carbohydrate is a fuel that is converted to glucose for immediate usage or is stored in the liver as animal “starch”, glycogen.

• Micronutrients (Vitamins, Macro-minerals, Trace minerals) are needed in adequate amounts for proper metabolism.

• Essential Fatty acids are necessary for both structure and function of the organism.

• Essential Amino Acids are also obligatory for formation and working of the living being.

• Glyconutrients (on cell walls for inner communication) from sugars can be internally produced from non-carbohydrate foodstuffs.

• Enough water is required to maintain the shape and flow in our life form.

• Fiber is needed to give substance to the food in our alimentary tract to properly propel it forward and to feed our gut flora.

• Bacteria (Probiotic) and its food (Prebiotic), which is soluble fiber, are required to complete our digestion and to produce micronutrients such as Vitamin B12.

*Ghoul- Early man ate bone marrow and brains from carrion because he had rocks and the ability to open bones.

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